Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Pumpkins for New Years

Yeah, yeah, it's New Years time now, but we're still catching up on blogging. We figure everyone is still eating pumpkin pie, so what better time to remember the Pumpkin Festival at Half Moon Bay? The highlight was the parade.

10.28.2013 288

Which included this dude.

10.28.2013 305

And this tiny tractor pulling a larger tractor.

10.28.2013 306

Pulling some pretty large pumpkins.

10.28.2013 308

This is the largest pumpkin sculpture.

10.28.2013 314

And this was the largest pumpkin this year.

10.28.2013 320

10.28.2013 326

There was even some sweet pumpkin carving.

10.28.2013 324

Delicious pumpkin carving.  Nom.


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