Friday, January 3, 2014

Beach Birthday for Old Doc

For Eddy's birthday this year, he wanted some beach camping.  We got in late one night, had our dinner and set up camp in the dark.  It was kind of cold that night.  Eddy even let Norman cuddle up in the bed with us.

11.18.2013 002

By "let" of course I mean that Norman jumped in the bed at the first opportunity because it was frosty cold. The next morning we opened birthday presents.

11.18.2013 005

11.18.2013 007

Then we had a good breakfast.

11.18.2013 008

11.18.2013 011

11.18.2013 013

And went for a little run on the beach.

11.18.2013 024

11.18.2013 032

Happy birthday, Old Doc Westbrook!

11.18.2013 039


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