Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bedroom Hater

I hated our bedroom.  I didn't actually realize that I hated it so much because it was just this white room where we slept and stored sundry furniture and artwork that didn't really fit anywhere else.  In fact, I apparently hated our bedroom so much that we don't have a single picture of it before I started working on it other than the real estate photo.
I basically did a bedroom blitzkrieg and decorated it all over the course of 36 hours while Eddy was traveling for work.  I made this amazing blanket that I think I will replicate for the living room eventually. It's flannel backed with pom pom trim and it basically can't be beat.

3.5.2014 153

I covered some letters in fabric.

3.5.2014 150

And I spent an entire freaking day assembling and installing the chandelier.

3.5.2014 160

3.5.2014 165


o3.5.2014 003

N3.5.2014 008

N3.5.2014 013

No more bedroom hate.

Friday, March 21, 2014

We're Not Young Anymore

The rest of the country seemed to have an awful lot of snow days this year.  Not so in our neck of the woods.  That's fine by me, but Eddy craves snow.  So he was pretty excited about his annual company retreat in Tahoe. The drive in (from our sunny and 70s home town) was spectacular.

3.5.2014 063

When we got there we geared up for some snow fun.

3.5.2014 066

We circumnavigated a very steep hill.

3.5.2014 068

And attempted to sled down it.

3.5.2014 069

I say "attempted" because what actually happened was that we crashed and burned.

3.5.2014 071

Every. Single. Time. In fact, at one point, Eddy went face first into the snow, scratched up his pretty face, and destroyed his shoulder for the next few weeks. We're not young anymore.

3.5.2014 087

We also tried our hand at downhill skiing.

3.5.2014 075

3.5.2014 083

Eddy is clearly more graceful on the snow than yours truly.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lamp Revamp

One of the things I am glad I have more time for now that I don't have a job is going to thrift stores.  That way I can buy weird things for not much money and make them awesome for our house.  It's a dream.  Recently I had this find.

3.5.2014 090

I taped it up and spray painted it.

3.5.2014 092

Then I replaced its hideous shade with one I fashioned out of some leftover metal we had from a previous project.

3.5.2014 116


3.5.2014 119

Friday, March 14, 2014

Tacky Zoo Selfies

Recently Eddy had to travel to San Diego for business.  Norman and I decided to tag along.

3.5.2014 009

NBW and I explored the city, chilled in the hotel bed, and checked out the dog beach.

3.5.2014 012

But one of my favorite things we did while we were there this time was the SD Zoo.

3.5.2014 052

3.5.2014 043

3.5.2014 055

I decided that if I had to go to the zoo all on my lonesome, the least I could do was take some ridiculous selfies.

3.5.2014 022

3.5.2014 036

3.5.2014 053

3.5.2014 046

You're welcome.  

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Catsup Quilt

Recently I made a quilt for our dear friends, the DP^2s. After all, they had been kind enough to let us crash their Thanksgiving. Also, I found this quilt pattern that just made me think of them so I modified it and got started.

11.5.2013 025 

After all, they <3 black kitties.

11.18.2013 043

When I was piecing this quilt together I was trying to hard not to mess up and piece a cat head upside down.  I kept chanting to myself: cats up.  cats up.  cats up.  catsup.  catsup.  catsup.  It's a catsup quilt.

11.18.2013 046 

I Picked out some fabric for the back.

11.19.2013 011 

Bound it up.


And sent it on its merry way just in time for Xmas! I think they were surprised. All except Anouk who promptly claimed the quilt as her very own.


Friday, March 7, 2014

Yerba Buena

One of the things we have really been missing since we moved was our old herb garden in all its many incarnations.  Herbs are pretty much the only thing we have ever had success growing.  I decided to surprise Eddy with a secret build.

I took a naked window outside our kitchen

1.17.2014 186

And some scrap plywood we had around.

1.17.2014 187

I drilled some holes for drainage.

1.17.2014 190

Prettied it up with some paint leftover from the house.

3.5.2014 122

3.5.2014 140

Installed it outside and added herbs.

N3.5.2014 002

The rest is history. Delicious, delicious history.