Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Holiday DP^2

This year we spent Thanksgiving with our favorite California friends, Dave and Dana.  They were kind enough to let us crash and we had lots of fun cooking noms.

12.4.2013 033

Dave and Little Dave love turkey.

12.4.2013 051

12.4.2013 029

Mostly I did this.

12.4.2013 032

But I also did some of this.

12.4.2013 034

12.4.2013 045

We also played games while we were there.

12.4.2013 052

I'm the first citizeness of Arkham. In fact, we did so much game playing that there was a casualty.

12.4.2013 057

Eddy now owes DP^2 one dining room chair.


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