Friday, December 6, 2013

The First (of Many) Tile Jobs

The first Project House Sunshine Fuzzy Bunny room that Eddy and I worked on together was the laundry room.  We wanted to get it ready to go ASAP so we could actually buy appliances and have clean clothes again.

We ripped up some pretty icky linoleum.

10.28.2013 117

Laid new tile.

10.28.2013 232

10.28.2013 222

10.28.2013 238

10.28.2013 242


10.28.2013 258

Painted again (because Eddy told me he thought the color I picked was too dark, but I went ahead with it anyway only to find out he was right).

10.28.2013 281

Then started to fill the room with stuffs.

10.28.2013 283

Tada! New laundry room complete with the ability to actually do laundry!

11.5.2013 068

11.5.2013 069

Clean clothes are my favorite clothes.


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