Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hitting The Road (Again!)

The Road Trip was over when we got back to Texas, but we still had to grab the kiteez and head out to our new home. First, we re-acclimated all the fur kids.

8.20.2013 616

8.20.2013 613

8.20.2013 609

Once everybody was rested up, we hit the road with two new passengers in the car.

8.20.2013 637

8.20.2013 626

On the way out to California we breezed through Arizona and New Mexico again but when we hit Nevada we had to see a few new things.

8.20.2013 641

We saw Hoover Dam.

8.20.2013 644

And of course we stopped in Vegas.

8.20.2013 651

After a brief brush with the Fist of Faith,

8.20.2013 655

8.20.2013 654

we made it to California to start our new life!


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