Monday, January 24, 2011

Why Ada Hates Ceci

Ada has allergies. She scratches her little eyes until they get scabby.

1.23.2011 009

She has been to the vet several times and we just can't seem keep her from being itchy. So I made her a bonnet.

1.23.2011 015

Now this was just a test bonnet to see if we actually wanted to get serious about cat bonnets. Usually, I am not one to dress up our cats. Except for cat hats. That's different.

Bonnet 2.0 was a slight improvement.

1.23.2011 017

But then we talked to Ceci. And she was all, "I made a cone for my cat because I'm in medical school and I can construct far better cat torture devices than you could ever dream!" (That's not exactly how she put it.) So here's her tiny little kitty with it's cute little yogurt cup.


We tried this on Ada but it turns out that despite the fact that we purchased the largest possible yogurt container and even sliced it to make it expand further she is, in fact, a fat head.

1.23.2011 034

Finally, I got artsy and constructed her a custom cone from some rather pricey art paper.

1.23.2011 037

See how much more relaxed? We just had a new release. Cone 2.1--now waterproof!

1.24.2011 005

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fake San Diego

Last week, Nicci had a conference, ALA Midwinter, in San Diego. Unfortunately, we forgot our camera! And, unlike when we thought we deleted our pictures but actually didn't, this time we didn't even take any pictures. Luckily, however, Nicci is a Digital Photograph Technician, which means she is an expert in Photoshop... so here are some fake pictures of us in San Diego, showing some of the things we did.

On our first day, right after landing, we took a ferry over to Coronado Island and saw the Hotel del Coronado. Here is Nicci on the beach in front of the hotel, in her appropriate jacket and sweatshirt:


The next day, we rented a car and took a drive out to the desert / mountains. (They look like mountains, but people in San Diego call them desert.) Here is a classy fake picture of me in front of some San Diego mountains:


On the way, we stopped at the Viejas casino, which had a sweet "tee pee" area outside:


On our last day in San Diego, we took a bus out to the San Diego Zoo (something tells me it's all happening there) and we saw (among other things) the Pandas. Apparently I was dressed up that day and pretty excited about Pandas:


Pretty nice pictures, huh?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year's Eve!

We spent New Year's Eve at Flo then Metropolitan Bar and Grill with my parents.

1.1.2011 154

1.1.2011 152

The new year was rung in by 80s tribute band Members Only.

I went to high school with a couple of these guys. Awesome. Eddy did a fair amount of dancing.

1.1.2011 161

And I did some impersonations of rabbits during the evening.

1.1.2011 157

Needless to say, we were in desperate need of grilled cheeses when we made our way home.

1.1.2011 169

The End
(of our Xmas in the Ozarks: A Four-Part Mini-Series)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We Actually Did Some Work Too

Yeah, we went to Pro Bass and Branson over the break, but we also helped out around the house while we were home. We cooked things.

1.1.2011 057

We hung a ceiling fan at Moe's house.

1.1.2011 105

Well, kind of. We more, just took one ceiling fan down only to realize that the new fan was missing a piece. Then we remounted the original fan.

1.1.2011 103

I held the light.

1.1.2011 104

The boys also went out to the farm to help out my grandpa.

1.1.2011 109

1.1.2011 122

Part three of four. So you know the fourth post is gonna be real good.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Quilts AND Quilts!

Part Deuce of our Xmas in the Ozarks: A Four-Part Mini-Series is set in the lovely Branson, MO! They have this indoor minature golf course that I thought had not been updated since the 1970s. Turns out, they have added a new thunderstorm feature where water falls from the ceiling and there is strobe lightning. It's otherwise totally dark. There are sunsets painted on the walls.

1.1.2011 099

There are brightly colored lights that resemble flowers.

1.1.2011 096

And tiny houses everywhere. So awesome. We also went down to the Landing for lunch.

1.1.2011 091

And tooled around the strip a little.

1.1.2011 088

They sell quilts AND quilts there!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Xmas in the Ozarks: A Four-Part Mini-Series

1.1.2011 061

That's right. It's a dead bear in a Santa hat. Let's call this installment "crimes against nature." For starters, we went to the Pro Bass to see all of the taxidermied and non-taxidermied animals.

1.1.2011 077

1.1.2011 071

We also tested sporting goods equipment.

1.1.2011 080

(if you can call a lighter shaped like a rifle sporting goods equipment)

1.1.2011 084

To atone for our Pro Bass crimes against nature, we visited the Springfield Nature Center a few times.

1.1.2011 034

Inclement weather? Yeah, kind of.

1.1.2011 037

1.1.2011 149

Stay tuned for more re-hashery of our Xmas vacation!