Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fake San Diego

Last week, Nicci had a conference, ALA Midwinter, in San Diego. Unfortunately, we forgot our camera! And, unlike when we thought we deleted our pictures but actually didn't, this time we didn't even take any pictures. Luckily, however, Nicci is a Digital Photograph Technician, which means she is an expert in Photoshop... so here are some fake pictures of us in San Diego, showing some of the things we did.

On our first day, right after landing, we took a ferry over to Coronado Island and saw the Hotel del Coronado. Here is Nicci on the beach in front of the hotel, in her appropriate jacket and sweatshirt:


The next day, we rented a car and took a drive out to the desert / mountains. (They look like mountains, but people in San Diego call them desert.) Here is a classy fake picture of me in front of some San Diego mountains:


On the way, we stopped at the Viejas casino, which had a sweet "tee pee" area outside:


On our last day in San Diego, we took a bus out to the San Diego Zoo (something tells me it's all happening there) and we saw (among other things) the Pandas. Apparently I was dressed up that day and pretty excited about Pandas:


Pretty nice pictures, huh?


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