Tuesday, December 15, 2009

If at First You Don't Succeed

So our witbier exploded. But, turns out our homebrew is in high holiday demand--thanks, Evan. Two weekends ago we tried our hand at making some American Brown Ale. This time, in order to cut our brewing time and (hopefully) end up with a tastier brew, Eddy decided to construct a new lauter tun. Previously, we were using a nylon sack and a whole lot of time. Here he is drilling some holes in a new ale pail.

12.14.2009 031

Once nested inside a spigotted ale pail, our lautering and sparging went MUCH smoother.

12.14.2009 034

Mmmm... American Brown Ale...

12.14.2009 035

Here's our pre-existing wort chilling system. It kind of looks like a walrus. That's why I am doing the tusks here.

12.14.2009 038

We are happy to announce that this past weekend the brew made it to secondary fermentation. Our laundry room is completely explosion-free!

12.14.2009 043

Monday, December 14, 2009

Behold, I Have Made Cubes

12.14.2009 011

I finished up my semester today and wanted to celebrate my last Monday off work this year by tackling a sewing project I have been itching to do for months. Ever since Etsy told me to read Dorm Decor, I have been itching to make some door stops for our (many) apartment doors that will NOT stay open and/or closed.

So, Eddy helped me select some fabric--"not too girly" being the primary criteria. I coated the fabric with iron-on vinyl (in order to ward off feline fur). Next, I fashioned some handles and stuffed my cubes with rice.

12.14.2009 008

Here's the final product:

12.14.2009 002

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Give a Hoot

I like to take my lunch on the fifth floor of the library. Today, seats were scarce because of finals here at UH. When I finally found a seat, my efforts were rewarded. There was a beautiful little owl roosting about 10 feet outside the window. I was kicking myself thinking of how I didn't have a camera with me--not even my phone--when I remembered that I take photographs for a living. I dashed downstairs to snag our digital SLR. Feast your eyes:

Now. This is a very special moment. It has long been thought that during the 1980s my dad resembled owls:

In this crappy photocopy of old half-tone newsprint, it might be difficult to appreciate the glasses. Allow me to assist:
Through the magic of Photoshop, we can draw this comparison even more clearly:

Mom--the only reason you were spared this treatment is because I don't have a photo of you in your owl specs readily available.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Thxgiving--We found some stuff under my bed...

We had an awesome time at home with the parents for Thanksgiving. We bid a fond farewell to our favorite Ozark institution, Riverside Inn:

We also found some sweet, sweet "works of art" under my bed:

Dec 4 2009011

This is a book I wrote in 6th grade. The full version of the book is now available on Flickr.

Dec 4 2009018--Eddie

One of the strangest discoveries was this image on one of the last pages of the book. The resemblance between Eddie and Eddy is shocking.

Dec 4 2009010

Finally, there's this classic. This is a later drawing of Sgt. Drunkie, so it doesn't quite capture just how strange it was that my little brother drew pictures of a drunken military man, but you get the gist.