Friday, December 4, 2009

Thxgiving--We found some stuff under my bed...

We had an awesome time at home with the parents for Thanksgiving. We bid a fond farewell to our favorite Ozark institution, Riverside Inn:

We also found some sweet, sweet "works of art" under my bed:

Dec 4 2009011

This is a book I wrote in 6th grade. The full version of the book is now available on Flickr.

Dec 4 2009018--Eddie

One of the strangest discoveries was this image on one of the last pages of the book. The resemblance between Eddie and Eddy is shocking.

Dec 4 2009010

Finally, there's this classic. This is a later drawing of Sgt. Drunkie, so it doesn't quite capture just how strange it was that my little brother drew pictures of a drunken military man, but you get the gist.


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