Friday, August 14, 2015

The Great Quilt Audit

If you are hard on your belongings like I am, then you probably have a big old pile of quilts that you made when you were a kid that have been on countless picnics, trips to the beach, outdoor movies, road trips, and other odd adventures and are in need of some repair.


I made this quilt for my twin extra long bed when I went to college. (I was totally a cool kid.)


It's flannel on the back and is super cozy. We still use it on our bed in the winter (especially when we know the pit bulls might be sneaking their way onto the bed.)


It had some little holes where the seams had come undone.



It also had some spots on the binding that had been loved (chewed) a little too much by a pet rabbit when I was a kid (his name was Roscoe Peterman.)



Not the prettiest binding repair, but this is more of utility quilt for us.

This is the very first quilt I ever made!


It was on my bed for years as a kid and was washed and used about a million times. It had tons of holes like this.


Even in an area with several repairs, they didn't end up being that noticeable.


Then there was this butterfly quilt.


It had some applique wear.


This quilt was probably the most complex quilt I made when I was a kid.


It had a lot of these guys.


See, not so noticeable in the end.


There was also this table runner.

3.18.2014 035

Not even very old, but I hated the binding (which I had already redone twice, for the record). First of all, it was coming off already (I forgot to backstitch.)


Second, I used white thread. (It was before I learned about colored threads somehow.)


Aaaaah, much better.


For those of us who are really uptight and detail-oriented, this was a most satisfying blog post.  Regular folks might have been a little bored.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Do You Know the Mushroom Man?

So I got Eddy a book for Christmas last year and it's basically his favorite thing ever.


We found out about it from our friends Jim and Jeanne who live at work at Yosemite right now.


Recently the mushroom man actually gave a talk at Yosemite and we were all going to go, but a sad thing happened and Eddy had to work and it was all very terrible stuff, but when we still thought we were going to be able to make out out there for the talk I did make a quilt for them to, you know, commemorate our fun time together.





So I still sent the quilt along because now it can commemorate other mushroom fun we've had. Like that time we found a tiny fairy mushroom forest in the woods. Or that time they taught us about mushroom man and changed the trajectory of books in our house.