Friday, June 6, 2014

Procrastination Quilt

This is one of those quilting projects that I started because I wanted to have something fancy for our table before Eddy's parents came to visit and were the first to see our semi-post-reno house.  It's never really a good idea to start a project like this with a deadline like that (and it didn't help that I started it, like, mere days before they arrived...)

3.18.2014 006

3.18.2014 009

3.18.2014 012

The good news is that I have the nicest, most understanding and helpful quilter ever and she did the most beautiful job quilting this table runner at the very last moment because I am awesome like that.

3.18.2014 035

This is what it looks like all bound with its striped backing.

3.18.2014 042

3.18.2014 045

Procrastination forever!


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