Friday, June 20, 2014

Official Quilt of Cat Ladies Worldwide

You know how during the Olympics or the Super Bowl there are all of these weird sponsors?  Like the official paper clip sponsor of the rhythmic gymnastics team.  This quilt is like that, only it's a combination that makes sense: quilts and cat ladies.

For her birthday this year I made Ceci (sister-in-law extraordinaire and the premier cat lady in my life)


this quilt (the official quilt of all pro-am cat ladies).




1.17.2014 093

Once again I had this quilting by my amazing friend, Marci, who did a beautiful job.

3.18.2014 021

Just look at those little mice and cheeses!

3.18.2014 015

And the really gorgeous binding.

3.18.2014 024

And the kitty cat backing.

3.18.2014 023

Actually, my favorite thing about this quilt was giving it to Ceci over Xmas and then taking it away from her to have it quilted. It's better to give and then take the gift back than it is to receive.


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