Friday, June 27, 2014

Homeostasis--Dining Room

The dining room in our house adjoins the living room and this is another room we thought would be easy-peasy. This is the best before shot we have, which is really too bad because the best thing about the dining room is the huge windows (not shown).


But...  (there's always a but...) the floors were not in great condition and we really wanted a way to delineate the dining room from the living room. Enter: painted dining room floors.

3.5.2014 136

Initially we were planning to paint the living room and the dining room, but I am glad we decided not to in the end.

3.5.2014 138

3.5.2014 142

Remember those dining room sparkle chairs I recovered? Feast your eyes!



Here's a view from the living room featuring, who else? Rupert.



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