Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Pumpkins for New Years

Yeah, yeah, it's New Years time now, but we're still catching up on blogging. We figure everyone is still eating pumpkin pie, so what better time to remember the Pumpkin Festival at Half Moon Bay? The highlight was the parade.

10.28.2013 288

Which included this dude.

10.28.2013 305

And this tiny tractor pulling a larger tractor.

10.28.2013 306

Pulling some pretty large pumpkins.

10.28.2013 308

This is the largest pumpkin sculpture.

10.28.2013 314

And this was the largest pumpkin this year.

10.28.2013 320

10.28.2013 326

There was even some sweet pumpkin carving.

10.28.2013 324

Delicious pumpkin carving.  Nom.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Hitting the Beach

After all the road tripping we did, you would think we would just want to stay in forever. Instead, we headed out to the Marin headlands to explore some of our new nearby beaches.

10.28.2013 015

10.28.2013 010

10.28.2013 029

We also headed down to Capitola for the annual Begonia Festival.

10.28.2013 083

10.28.2013 080

If for no other reason, I think we're happy we moved to California because Norman hearts the beach.

10.28.2013 017

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Holiday DP^2

This year we spent Thanksgiving with our favorite California friends, Dave and Dana.  They were kind enough to let us crash and we had lots of fun cooking noms.

12.4.2013 033

Dave and Little Dave love turkey.

12.4.2013 051

12.4.2013 029

Mostly I did this.

12.4.2013 032

But I also did some of this.

12.4.2013 034

12.4.2013 045

We also played games while we were there.

12.4.2013 052

I'm the first citizeness of Arkham. In fact, we did so much game playing that there was a casualty.

12.4.2013 057

Eddy now owes DP^2 one dining room chair.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Hearth and Home

When we moved into our house, we were excited to have a gas fireplace in the living room. The only problem was that the gas unit itself was pretty dated and wasn't inspected before we bought the house. Also, the hearth tile was falling under the floor and the trim was broken and missing. So, you know, we probably needed to rip it all out and stuff.

11.5.2013 011

Just like everything in Project House Sunshine Fuzzy Bunny, it was pretty dirty and filled with spider webs.

11.5.2013 017

So once we cleared out the tile, there was just a big hole in our living room floor.

11.5.2013 022

That's when I started in with the paint.

11.5.2013 027

11.5.2013 033

Then Eddy laid in some sub floor for me to tile on.

11.5.2013 034

11.5.2013 040

I did the tile.

11.5.2013 058

And fixed up the trim.

11.5.2013 064

11.5.2013 063

Once the grout was in and the old gas unit was out, this is what we had and all we had to do was wait until the new gas unit came in.

12.4.2013 009

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hitting The Road (Again!)

The Road Trip was over when we got back to Texas, but we still had to grab the kiteez and head out to our new home. First, we re-acclimated all the fur kids.

8.20.2013 616

8.20.2013 613

8.20.2013 609

Once everybody was rested up, we hit the road with two new passengers in the car.

8.20.2013 637

8.20.2013 626

On the way out to California we breezed through Arizona and New Mexico again but when we hit Nevada we had to see a few new things.

8.20.2013 641

We saw Hoover Dam.

8.20.2013 644

And of course we stopped in Vegas.

8.20.2013 651

After a brief brush with the Fist of Faith,

8.20.2013 655

8.20.2013 654

we made it to California to start our new life!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Beginning the Library

We have a room in Project House Sunshine Fuzzy Bunny that has been designated the library. I figured if it's a library, it better have some bookshelves. Luckily, the room had a wall of built in closets when we moved in.

10.28.2013 135

The first task was the remove the doors.

10.28.2013 150

Considering the decades of paint and rust on those hinges that was easier said than done. Next I painted. And painted. And painted.

10.28.2013 152

Then it was time to get friendly with the power tools.

10.28.2013 169

10.28.2013 178

10.28.2013 175

Next I had my first go at wiring light fixtures without Eddy assistance.

10.28.2013 183

Then I added the books.

10.28.2013 188

And prettied 'em up.

10.28.2013 189

But bookshelves weren't enough. I decided to do a mascot mural.

10.28.2013 197

10.28.2013 198

10.28.2013 200

Now all we need is some comfy cozy furniture and we're ready to read.