Sunday, December 25, 2011

In which Eddy is a Total Dude

I didn't realize when I married Eddy what a dude he is.  I thought I was marrying a SNAG.  This year for Xmas, Eddy asked me for a power saw.  And he basically got it.

11.26.2011 152

11.26.2011 153

He tackled a project with it right away and I thought the enthusiasm might wear off, but he loves that power saw. Guess I'll have to make sure to buy him some more snagly gifts to make up for this macho one.  Go, manly Eddy, go!

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Without realizing it, we basically spent our whole anniversary weekend staring at animals. The first priority was the penguin exhibit at the fabulous St. Louis Zoo.

11.26.2011 025

11.26.2011 017

We probably saw some other animals as well, but I mean. Come on. Penguins.

11.26.2011 012

Day two was ostensibly animal free. We went to the City Museum, a menagerie of rusty metal and dangerously tight spaces.

11.26.2011 056

11.26.2011 057

But we had to break up that long day of climbing around with a trip to the aquarium that lives on the second floor of the City Museum. This place has fish. I swear it does. But it also has an amazing array of non-fish, most of which you can pet.

11.26.2011 078

The most awesome thing we saw was the sloth feeding. I <3 sloths. In a serious way. Sloths are the new penguins.

11.26.2011 088

So, apparently, we go on a lot of trips where we spend our time staring at animals. Who knew?

Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Favorite STL Haunts

Recently, I whisked Eddy away to St. Louis to celebrate our anniversary. While there, we went to the same ole places. Well, the same ole places that we loved when we lived there. Here's our old apartment.

11.26.2011 008

When we visit STL, we always stay about a block away from our old place, so we always swing by. Speaking of our old hood, we hung out in the loop of course.

11.26.2011 009

We ate at Blueberry Hill not once,

11.26.2011 052

but twice.

11.26.2011 105

Even though it was freaking freezing, we also made it out to Ted Drewes.

11.26.2011 106

11.26.2011 107

11.26.2011 110

And we couldn't call it a trip to St. Lou unless without a trip to Mangia, where we were married.

11.26.2011 099

Stay tuned because we did actually do more than just eat things on this trip.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Let the Xmas Begin

I told myself we would have 100% of our Xmas shopping finished by Thanksgiving this year.  If I had to venture an estimate, I would say we are finished with about 0% to date.  Nevertheless, we did find time to decorate our house for Xmas.  Now, I am generally opposed to all holiday decorations.  Eddy calls me a scrooge.  I prefer to think of myself as clutter averse.  However, this year, I consented to two things.  A brand new Xmas tree that the Cobbs gave us for our birthdays.

11.26.2011 136

11.26.2011 140

11.26.2011 144

and two paper stars we picked up in Chinatown in SF.

11.27.2011 007

11.27.2011 005

Hope you are getting in the holiday spirit. I swear, we will start our holiday shopping. Soon. One of these days.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


We were pretty excited about Thanksgiving break this year.

11.26.2011 116

Right after work on Wednesday, we headed out to our favorite Tex Mex joint in the hood.

11.26.2011 113

When we got home, we cracked a bottle of champagne to kick off the weekend.

11.26.2011 115

For Thanksgiving proper we enjoyed a wonderful meal with Eddy's post-doc advisor, Vivek and his friends and family. Then we headed over to Valerie and Kim's place for a champagne after party. The rest of the weekend, we pretty much lazed around the house.

11.26.2011 117

11.26.2011 132

11.26.2011 133

It was a much relaxing break.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Nicci's (Pretend) First Digital Collection

What I do at work is publish digital collections. While I have been working on digital collections for approximately one gozillion years, I published my first ever collection as a project leader back in early November!  So I guess it's not technically my first digital collection, but me and my work pals are still pretty excited about it.  It is called the Alonso S. Perales Photographs and you can click here to see the entire collection. It is a small collection, but it has some really lovely photos of this important leader.

Alonso S. Perales Photographs now available in the Digital Library!

Alonso S. Perales Photographs now available in the Digital Library!

We are in the process of a comprehensive digital library redesign, so the splash pages will change eventually, but for now, you can visit at will.

Perales Collection