Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Without realizing it, we basically spent our whole anniversary weekend staring at animals. The first priority was the penguin exhibit at the fabulous St. Louis Zoo.

11.26.2011 025

11.26.2011 017

We probably saw some other animals as well, but I mean. Come on. Penguins.

11.26.2011 012

Day two was ostensibly animal free. We went to the City Museum, a menagerie of rusty metal and dangerously tight spaces.

11.26.2011 056

11.26.2011 057

But we had to break up that long day of climbing around with a trip to the aquarium that lives on the second floor of the City Museum. This place has fish. I swear it does. But it also has an amazing array of non-fish, most of which you can pet.

11.26.2011 078

The most awesome thing we saw was the sloth feeding. I <3 sloths. In a serious way. Sloths are the new penguins.

11.26.2011 088

So, apparently, we go on a lot of trips where we spend our time staring at animals. Who knew?


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