Monday, April 25, 2011

The Bunnies Do Easter

Easter being a holiday of bunnies and all, we found it our duty as Team Sunshine Fuzzy Bunny to do it up! We gave up junk food for Lent, so you'll gave to forgive the culinary nature of this post--we were pretty excited to eat whatever our little hearts desired.

4.25.2011 008

First thing in the morning, I surprised Eddy with some bunny french toast and vegan sausage.

4.25.2011 005

Then we donned the bunny slippers the Cobbs sent

4.23.2011 025

and whiled away the day reading and playing Super Mario 3.

4.25.2011 010

until it was time to have homemade chili dogs and sweet potato fries for dinner!

4.25.2011 015--corrected

Yumsy Easter!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Hidden Gems from the Edwin Monroe Westbrook IV Digital Photograph Collection

After 2 years of nagging convincing, I finally got Eddy to get started uploading some of his photos to Flickr. That means you can now enjoy such favorites as:


Nicci doing jazz hands on our camping trip in Yosemite,


the magnolia tree outside of our St. Louis apartment and, (drumroll...)


Eddy with long flowing locks and a weird beard!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Some Us Time

With all of the house buying, car buying and MS 150 stuff we've been doing lately we just haven't had much time for us, you know? Thankfully Awful Library Books, one of my favorite blogs, came to the rescue yet again with some affordable couples therapy in the form of two books: How to Live with a Neurotic Husband and How to Live with a Neurotic Wife. Here's what we've learned:
  1. There is apparently a danger of Eddy decorating our new house in a way that is not at all safe for work.

    How to Live with a Neurotic Husband

  2. Nicci is apparently a huge brat because Eddy reads to her every night before bed. (But we already knew that, didn't we?)

    How to Live with a Neurotic Wife
Click the images to see a larger version (if you dare.)

Monday, April 18, 2011

2 of 13,000

4.18.2011 005

Team Sunshine Fuzzy Bunny rode the BP MS 150 this weekend from Houston to Austin! We were 2 of 13,000 riders--the largest MS 150 ride in the country. BUT, we were 1 of maybe 5 tandem bikes on the ride, so take that, MS 150!

4.18.2011 003

Our friends Dave and Dana also rode.

4.18.2011 007

And we got to make an awesome pit stop at my friends Damon and Linda's "Ranchito." Here I am with Damon and Jac: their standard poodle and my new bff.

4.18.2011 008

Check out how tired we looked after day 1:

4.18.2011 009

And this is Eddy trying hard not to sleep on the bus home after day 2:

4.18.2011 011

Such a fun trip! We may even consent to ride a bike again... someday... Like, a really long time from now...

Friday, April 15, 2011

We're Mentally Unstable

4.15.2011 080

Last year we did not ride the MS 150 because it was adjacent to the Texas Library Association Annual Conference--a conference I am always involved in. This year, we said what the hey! So on Tuesday morning we drove to Austin. On Friday we drove back. Saturday and Sunday we will ride our tandem BACK to Austin and then catch a bus home from Austin on Sunday. Crazy much? Yep. But anyway, here's what we did on the first leg of our double Austin madness. Threadgills:

4.15.2011 074

South Congress:

4.15.2011 066

And peacocks at the Mayfield Park:

4.15.2011 060

4.15.2011 047

4.15.2011 032

We also hung out with tons of friends, but we didn't take any photos of that because we were too busy drinking margaritas... And now, back to Austin!

Monday, April 11, 2011


This past weekend, we attended the opening game of the Astros! It was the first time we've been to Minute Maid when the roof was open.

4.9.2011 015

There's a train with pumpkins in it. The conductor wears overalls. The train goes forward when there is a home run. There were two during the game. I have no clue what the significance of this is.

4.9.2011 016

Thanks so much to Valerie and Kim who gave us the tickets! (They're our favorite future neighbors.)

Friday, April 8, 2011

New Job Nicci!

For those of you who missed the premature posting earlier this week, here's the big news!

4.2.2011--Card from Dana
{Handmade card from Dana}

All of the paperwork has been submitted and it's official. I am the new Coordinator of Digital Operations at the University of Houston Libraries! I'll still be working with the Digital Library team, but with more responsibilities and more prestige. Definitely more prestige. It's my first librarian job and I am super excited!

When we found out, Eddy got me a 1/2 bottle of champagne (1/2 bottle because I DID have to work the next day) and made me a special Indian food dinner.

3.18.2011 004

Doesn't the person in this picture strike you as one ready for more responsibility at work?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

America, Mall of

When I was in Minneapolis I had the chance to get out to Mall of America. I saw the indoor roller coasters:

4.2.2011 021

and the bronze Sponge Bob.

4.2.2011 036

But I was more wowed by LEGO world. It's a whole world of LEGOs! Most astounding was not the two-story transformer

4.2.2011 033

nor the dragon (although it was awesome)

4.2.2011 024

but this huge wall of LEGOs organized by color.

4.2.2011 025

Sooooo sweet.

4.2.2011 027

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Culinary Tour of Places Nicci Thinks are Too Cold

I just returned to sunny Houston from a two-conference marathon of a trip. I went to VRA/ARLIS in Minneapolis and ACRL in Philly. Both places had snow. Both places also had food--some of it quite good!

The highlight of Minneapolis was Hell's Kitchen, where they make their own everything. They gave me a free jar of homemade peanut butter with my order and they made their own ketchup for their handmade sweet potato fries for heaven's sake. So yummy. I didn't get too many photos, because I was a little entranced with the live music scene there.

4.2.2011 017

At the Mall of America, I had some yummy gelato:

4.2.2011 031

And a delicious beet salad at Crave where everything was locally sourced.

4.2.2011 035

Then it was off to Philly for Reading Terminal Market:

4.2.2011 049

and the beloved Continental.

4.2.2011 044

4.2.2011 045

Best lobster mac ever. Mmm.