Friday, April 15, 2011

We're Mentally Unstable

4.15.2011 080

Last year we did not ride the MS 150 because it was adjacent to the Texas Library Association Annual Conference--a conference I am always involved in. This year, we said what the hey! So on Tuesday morning we drove to Austin. On Friday we drove back. Saturday and Sunday we will ride our tandem BACK to Austin and then catch a bus home from Austin on Sunday. Crazy much? Yep. But anyway, here's what we did on the first leg of our double Austin madness. Threadgills:

4.15.2011 074

South Congress:

4.15.2011 066

And peacocks at the Mayfield Park:

4.15.2011 060

4.15.2011 047

4.15.2011 032

We also hung out with tons of friends, but we didn't take any photos of that because we were too busy drinking margaritas... And now, back to Austin!


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