Monday, April 25, 2011

The Bunnies Do Easter

Easter being a holiday of bunnies and all, we found it our duty as Team Sunshine Fuzzy Bunny to do it up! We gave up junk food for Lent, so you'll gave to forgive the culinary nature of this post--we were pretty excited to eat whatever our little hearts desired.

4.25.2011 008

First thing in the morning, I surprised Eddy with some bunny french toast and vegan sausage.

4.25.2011 005

Then we donned the bunny slippers the Cobbs sent

4.23.2011 025

and whiled away the day reading and playing Super Mario 3.

4.25.2011 010

until it was time to have homemade chili dogs and sweet potato fries for dinner!

4.25.2011 015--corrected

Yumsy Easter!


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