Friday, November 29, 2013

The Austere Reveal

Eddy has always dreamed of having his own office.  When we first moved in together our "office" was two facing desks in the dining room of our apartment.  In our second apartment together and in our first house together we shared a desk and an office and a computer.  Sharing is fun and all, but I think Eddy was super excited to have a space of his own.  Because I am at home all the time now, I offered to decorate his office for him as a surprise, a la HGTV, complete with a reveal in the end.

Again, most of what I did here was paint and arrange our stuff in the room, so here's Eddy waiting for the reveal.

10.28.2013 161

And here's Eddy's new office!

11.5.2013 082

11.5.2013 080

Now is when you are supposed to walk in and be all teary eyed and stuff. Then we hug. Oh, HGTV.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Something About Montana

8.20.2013 287

Montana was totally my favorite state on the Road Trip. (I mean, other than Colorado...)

8.20.2013 290

There was just something about Montana.

8.20.2013 297

8.20.2013 311

8.20.2013 353

We camped at Glacier National Park.

8.20.2013 302

We explored Going to the Sun Road.

8.20.2013 305

8.20.2013 310

8.20.2013 312

We lunched at Lunch Creek.

8.20.2013 326

8.20.2013 317

8.20.2013 325

And for the first time ever Norman was actually enthusiastic about water.

8.20.2013 342

Next up Idaho, the Potato State!  Also Utah.

8.20.2013 357

Friday, November 22, 2013

The First Room

We might have mentioned that Project House Sunshine Fuzzy Bunny needs work.  In some areas it's dated.  In some areas it is in need of repairs.  In some areas it needs to be gutted.  Our approach so far has been one room at a time starting with the low-hanging fruit.

The first room to go from plain white box to Sunshine Fuzzy Bunny-ified was my sewing room.

10.28.2013 123

I don't have too many in process pictures since all I really did was add a coat of (Sonic Plum!) paint and fill the room with things we already had so I'll just show off some of my favorite things about the room.

Here's where I do most of my fabric cutting and ironing and cat petting and what not.

11.18.2013 075

Our giant white cabinet is where I keep this special quilt my grandma, Moe, gave me.

11.19.2013 012

This view features my favorite Goodwill find ever (pom pom trim by yours truly).

11.18.2013 079

The other side of the room has my desk.

11.18.2013 078

On top of my desk live all my Pearson Maron sculptures.

11.19.2013 015

Also, there's my giant golden maneki neko from mom!

11.18.2013 081

It's a great place to make quilts and such, assuming I can pry the cat off of my fabric/lap/chair/desk.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thomas Jefferson = Ice Cream Cone

We sort of did Wyoming and South Dakota things all in one go. One of the things I was adamant about when we began to plan a road trip was that I *had* to see Mount Rushmore. Why? I am strangely fascinated by it. Why? No idea.

But seriously, Mount Rushmore was totally one of my favorite things on this trip (I promise to stop claiming everything was my favorite...) The first important American History fact we learned was that Thomas Jefferson = Ice Cream Cone.

8.20.2013 159

We never would have known this had we not visited Mount Rushmore. We just saved you a trip to the monument.

8.20.2013 160

8.20.2013 164

8.20.2013 168

Also, state flags/pillars are a big deal there. Who knew?

8.20.2013 172

Back in Wyoming, we also visited this amazing taxidermy emporium/bar and grill called the Occidental Saloon.

8.20.2013 175

8.20.2013 177

And of course we had our first camping excursion.

8.20.2013 182

We saw the usual Yellowstone sites.

8.20.2013 192

8.20.2013 217

8.20.2013 219

8.20.2013 260

We had a really nice little campsite.

8.20.2013 243

8.20.2013 248

And we introduced Norman to another river and to his first buffalo.

8.20.2013 209

8.20.2013 280

Tune in next week for adventures in Montana!

8.20.2013 287

Friday, November 15, 2013

Nicci's New Job

I knew when Eddy took his job in CA that I would have some time off work.  What better time to get reacquainted with quilting!

10.28.2013 049

10.28.2013 051

I started quilting again when we were living in the hotel and I've made quite a few beauties so far!


10.28.2013 056

became this!

10.28.2013 060

and it's going to live on our bed. (You know, someday when we get around to decorating the bedroom...)


10.28.2013 086

became this!

11.5.2013 073

I've also just finished a very special quilt that mom bought for me and that Eddy and I worked together to refurbish.  The before:


It was gorgeous, but it had the most awful cartoon grasshopper + orange square sashing.


Awful cartoon grasshoper + orange square sashing that really did not match the 1930s awesomeness that was this quilt.




Also, it was just badly sewn together and in need of some TLC. So I started to rip the whole thing apart, but let's face it. I just don't have the patience for tasks that require meticulousness on an ongoing basis. Enter Eddy.


He worked and worked and worked on that quilt and took almost all of it apart by himself.



Then I pressed and squared and repieced the whole shebang.

10.28.2013 205

10.28.2013 213

11.5.2013 074

You can bet when it came time to add our very own signature squares I embroidered one just for Eddy.

10.28.2013 207

11.5.2013 076

Many, many, many more quilt posts to come. After all, quilting is now basically my full-time job.