Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thomas Jefferson = Ice Cream Cone

We sort of did Wyoming and South Dakota things all in one go. One of the things I was adamant about when we began to plan a road trip was that I *had* to see Mount Rushmore. Why? I am strangely fascinated by it. Why? No idea.

But seriously, Mount Rushmore was totally one of my favorite things on this trip (I promise to stop claiming everything was my favorite...) The first important American History fact we learned was that Thomas Jefferson = Ice Cream Cone.

8.20.2013 159

We never would have known this had we not visited Mount Rushmore. We just saved you a trip to the monument.

8.20.2013 160

8.20.2013 164

8.20.2013 168

Also, state flags/pillars are a big deal there. Who knew?

8.20.2013 172

Back in Wyoming, we also visited this amazing taxidermy emporium/bar and grill called the Occidental Saloon.

8.20.2013 175

8.20.2013 177

And of course we had our first camping excursion.

8.20.2013 182

We saw the usual Yellowstone sites.

8.20.2013 192

8.20.2013 217

8.20.2013 219

8.20.2013 260

We had a really nice little campsite.

8.20.2013 243

8.20.2013 248

And we introduced Norman to another river and to his first buffalo.

8.20.2013 209

8.20.2013 280

Tune in next week for adventures in Montana!

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