Friday, November 22, 2013

The First Room

We might have mentioned that Project House Sunshine Fuzzy Bunny needs work.  In some areas it's dated.  In some areas it is in need of repairs.  In some areas it needs to be gutted.  Our approach so far has been one room at a time starting with the low-hanging fruit.

The first room to go from plain white box to Sunshine Fuzzy Bunny-ified was my sewing room.

10.28.2013 123

I don't have too many in process pictures since all I really did was add a coat of (Sonic Plum!) paint and fill the room with things we already had so I'll just show off some of my favorite things about the room.

Here's where I do most of my fabric cutting and ironing and cat petting and what not.

11.18.2013 075

Our giant white cabinet is where I keep this special quilt my grandma, Moe, gave me.

11.19.2013 012

This view features my favorite Goodwill find ever (pom pom trim by yours truly).

11.18.2013 079

The other side of the room has my desk.

11.18.2013 078

On top of my desk live all my Pearson Maron sculptures.

11.19.2013 015

Also, there's my giant golden maneki neko from mom!

11.18.2013 081

It's a great place to make quilts and such, assuming I can pry the cat off of my fabric/lap/chair/desk.


  1. The room looks perfect! Good job, Nicci!

  2. I LOVE your room! We must be on the same crafty wavelength lately: I've been quilt-curious--even went to the International Quilt Show and was BLOWN AWAY! PLEASE keep posting pics of your projects!

    1. Thanks, Cindy! Quilting is super fun. You should definitely give it a try.

  3. You have that Ikea roller crap holder! I want it! Watch me when I come visit, because I WILL put that in my purse.

    1. Just don't break our dining room chairs.