Friday, November 29, 2013

The Austere Reveal

Eddy has always dreamed of having his own office.  When we first moved in together our "office" was two facing desks in the dining room of our apartment.  In our second apartment together and in our first house together we shared a desk and an office and a computer.  Sharing is fun and all, but I think Eddy was super excited to have a space of his own.  Because I am at home all the time now, I offered to decorate his office for him as a surprise, a la HGTV, complete with a reveal in the end.

Again, most of what I did here was paint and arrange our stuff in the room, so here's Eddy waiting for the reveal.

10.28.2013 161

And here's Eddy's new office!

11.5.2013 082

11.5.2013 080

Now is when you are supposed to walk in and be all teary eyed and stuff. Then we hug. Oh, HGTV.

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