Friday, November 15, 2013

Nicci's New Job

I knew when Eddy took his job in CA that I would have some time off work.  What better time to get reacquainted with quilting!

10.28.2013 049

10.28.2013 051

I started quilting again when we were living in the hotel and I've made quite a few beauties so far!


10.28.2013 056

became this!

10.28.2013 060

and it's going to live on our bed. (You know, someday when we get around to decorating the bedroom...)


10.28.2013 086

became this!

11.5.2013 073

I've also just finished a very special quilt that mom bought for me and that Eddy and I worked together to refurbish.  The before:


It was gorgeous, but it had the most awful cartoon grasshopper + orange square sashing.


Awful cartoon grasshoper + orange square sashing that really did not match the 1930s awesomeness that was this quilt.




Also, it was just badly sewn together and in need of some TLC. So I started to rip the whole thing apart, but let's face it. I just don't have the patience for tasks that require meticulousness on an ongoing basis. Enter Eddy.


He worked and worked and worked on that quilt and took almost all of it apart by himself.



Then I pressed and squared and repieced the whole shebang.

10.28.2013 205

10.28.2013 213

11.5.2013 074

You can bet when it came time to add our very own signature squares I embroidered one just for Eddy.

10.28.2013 207

11.5.2013 076

Many, many, many more quilt posts to come. After all, quilting is now basically my full-time job.


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