Friday, November 8, 2013

Project House Sunshine Fuzzy Bunny!

In addition to the amazing summer Road Trip, we also moved to California!

It was tough to pack up and leave our Houston friends.

8.20.2013 005

8.20.2013 003

It was also hard to leave our very first house (aka Dream House Sunshine Fuzzy Bunny).

7.2.2013 024

8.20.2013 031

Our neighbors came over to watch the big truck load up on our last day.

8.20.2013 034

And on our last night there, we had to bunk on the living room floor!

8.20.2013 035

We still felt a bit homeless when we got to CA. First, we lived in a hotel for a month with a huge dog and two cats.

10.28.2013 101

10.28.2013 073

Guess where Rupert loved to hang out...

10.28.2013 093

10.28.2013 071

Finally, after 6 weeks of road trip and 4 weeks of hotel living, we bought a house in San Jose!

10.28.2013 091

It sort of needs a whole heck of a lot of work. It's one big Project House Sunshine Fuzzy Bunny!


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