Thursday, June 30, 2011

Un-Touristy Tourism

So the nice thing about staying with locals was that we got to do lots of New Orleans things, only some of which were touristy. We of course did Cafe du Monde.

6.28.2011 028

6.28.2011 029

Jackson Square
and the French Quarter.

6.28.2011 027

6.28.2011 026

That's right, Eddy is nerding up the FQ. But we also had some amazing parade experiences! Laura and Kijai took us to Pride and to an amazing second line!

6.28.2011 054

6.28.2011 052

6.28.2011 050

In second lines, parade goers march alongside the parade and dance along to the brass band. It was great fun, but also really freakin' hot.

6.28.2011 049

To keep parade goers happy, there were plenty of mobile coolers and also truck bars.

6.28.2011 048

If ever you have the opportunity to see a second line in NOLA, do it. And bring ice water.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Improvised High School Reunion

I recently missed my 10 year HS reunion (for the second time-ish). I couldn't attend, because of conference travel in NOLA. The good news (other than the fact that we went to New Orleans) is that my BFF from HS lives in NOLA!

6.28.2011 063

When I wasn't at ALA, Laura and Kijai showed us the town!

6.28.2011 031

We even got friendly with their sweet little rescue Chicory.

6.28.2011 022

More on what we did to come!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Let There Be Light Fixtures

And the Lord sayeth to them, "We're having company and our dining room has no light fixtures." So we decided to whip some up from scratch. We got some string and wrapped it around some balloons.

6.19.2011 005

Then Eddy did some wiring.

6.19.2011 012

And voila! Light fixtures extraordinaire.

6.19.2011 010

They are not quite finished yet, but they were finished enough to garner the admiration of Rebecca and Alan last weekend.

6.19.2011 023

Eddy also wired some lovely bedroom lights--pictures to come!

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Accidental Electrician Weekend

...that extended beyond the weekend into a full week's worth of work. That's what happened to us last weekend. Fresh of a plane from Hawaii, we decided it would be a good idea to tackle our dining room light fixture project. We're having Rebecca and Alan over for dinner this weekend, so it's time to get some light in that room. Well, we got a little ambitious at Lowe's and we purchased light fixture supplies for the bedroom AND for the dining room. We divvied up the work--Eddy started wiring the light fixtures in the bedroom and I started creating dining room light fixtures from scratch.

6.13.2011 124

We started strong.

6.13.2011 120

Look how excited Eddy is to put holes in our walls.

6.13.2011 135

But then it somehow became 2 AM and we were going a little less strong.

6.13.2011 141

There were mistakes, there were tragedies, there was some crying and a whole lot of laughing. Long story short, it took us the weekend and all of the next week (and then some) to get both light fixtures somewhat in place for our company. We'll snap some shots on Saturday to share on the blog.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hawaii Edibles

There are lots of amazing things to eat in Hawaii. There are probably other things to do on the island, but, let's face it--my family is primarily concerned with what we can eat. Probably the most alarming food we saw was the "Cobb" salad--the most delicious form of cannibalism ever.

6.13.2011 029

Kauai is known for its coffee. Here's Eddy sampling some at our favorite plantation.

6.13.2011 067

The island is also flush with feral chickens.

6.13.2011 023

Chickens are potential food, right? Right. However, you are not allowed to give food to the potential food.

6.13.2011 079

Catch-22. After a long week in delicious Hawaii, Eddy needed to stop by Hee Fat.

6.13.2011 048

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Eatery

The dining room is the least finished room, but here's a glimpse. Think: new light fixture and window treatments. Think: coherent decorative theme.

5.31.2011 017

Waving kitteez!

5.23.2011 074

Here's the dining room hallway-ish place with a view into the kitchen. (It's larger than a hallway, smaller than a room. Not really sure what it is...)

5.31.2011 018

And here's the kitchen!

5.31.2011 032

Here it is again.

5.31.2011 033

So that's the tour! Welcome to our new home!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Blues

Just past the purple bathroom is our bedroom.

5.31.2011 005

Say hi to Captain Duvet. Here's our little rocking chair zone.

5.31.2011 007

And makeshift bedside table with a view into the sunroom.

5.31.2011 008

It basically doesn't get much better than this sunroom.

5.31.2011 010

Here's the couch with a little window into the kitchen and a glimpse of the double doors into the dining room.

5.31.2011 014

And the Asian corner.

5.31.2011 012

I actually wear that hat outside to garden. For real.

5.31.2011 013

A little built-in window seat where we keep our cookbooks.

5.31.2011 015

And even more theater chairs!

5.31.2011 011

Here's a view into the dining room where we'll be headed next.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Flying Purple People Eater

Off of the living room to the left is our front office. Here's Eddy's zone:

5.31.2011 001

A view toward the front windows (complete with robotic cat feeders).

5.31.2011 002

Here's Nicci's desk.

5.23.2011 080

And on to the purple bathroom (there's a second bathroom too, but it's not nearly as cute as this one and it's basically overrun by cats. You will never see it. Trust me. It has a strange faux wooden cave shower. Need I say more?)

5.31.2011 029

So, yeah, the purple bathroom. It's purdy.

5.31.2011 031

5.31.2011 028