Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Improvised High School Reunion

I recently missed my 10 year HS reunion (for the second time-ish). I couldn't attend, because of conference travel in NOLA. The good news (other than the fact that we went to New Orleans) is that my BFF from HS lives in NOLA!

6.28.2011 063

When I wasn't at ALA, Laura and Kijai showed us the town!

6.28.2011 031

We even got friendly with their sweet little rescue Chicory.

6.28.2011 022

More on what we did to come!


  1. Oh yays! We sat by them at the wedding and they were AWESOME. Highly approved by DP^2. You may continue being friends for the next 10 yrs.

  2. The few, the proud who receive approval from DP^2!

  3. Nicci, you haven't missed the reunion. It is the last weekend in July.

  4. Really? Ha! I will be traveling then too!