Friday, June 17, 2011

The Accidental Electrician Weekend

...that extended beyond the weekend into a full week's worth of work. That's what happened to us last weekend. Fresh of a plane from Hawaii, we decided it would be a good idea to tackle our dining room light fixture project. We're having Rebecca and Alan over for dinner this weekend, so it's time to get some light in that room. Well, we got a little ambitious at Lowe's and we purchased light fixture supplies for the bedroom AND for the dining room. We divvied up the work--Eddy started wiring the light fixtures in the bedroom and I started creating dining room light fixtures from scratch.

6.13.2011 124

We started strong.

6.13.2011 120

Look how excited Eddy is to put holes in our walls.

6.13.2011 135

But then it somehow became 2 AM and we were going a little less strong.

6.13.2011 141

There were mistakes, there were tragedies, there was some crying and a whole lot of laughing. Long story short, it took us the weekend and all of the next week (and then some) to get both light fixtures somewhat in place for our company. We'll snap some shots on Saturday to share on the blog.


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