Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Blues

Just past the purple bathroom is our bedroom.

5.31.2011 005

Say hi to Captain Duvet. Here's our little rocking chair zone.

5.31.2011 007

And makeshift bedside table with a view into the sunroom.

5.31.2011 008

It basically doesn't get much better than this sunroom.

5.31.2011 010

Here's the couch with a little window into the kitchen and a glimpse of the double doors into the dining room.

5.31.2011 014

And the Asian corner.

5.31.2011 012

I actually wear that hat outside to garden. For real.

5.31.2011 013

A little built-in window seat where we keep our cookbooks.

5.31.2011 015

And even more theater chairs!

5.31.2011 011

Here's a view into the dining room where we'll be headed next.


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