Friday, January 17, 2014

Sparkle Chairs

We got these sweet vintage chairs from the Salvation Army. They were Eddy's pick and I think he did a great job.

12.4.2013 101

As you can see, though, our living room and dining room are a mustard color and the chairs gave it a little bit of a ketchup and mustard feel. Also, they had these kind of icky feet on them and a lot of ancient gummy tape that was holding the feet on.

12.4.2013 098

12.4.2013 097

They also needed some basic repair.

12.4.2013 105

12.4.2013 106

After a few quick repairs, I did some sweet upholstery work complete with rusty little nails.

12.4.2013 111

And a big old roll of brand new sparkly vinyl.

12.4.2013 114

So I got to work laying on the new vinyl.

12.4.2013 115

Ta da!

12.4.2013 119

It's even Rupert approved.

12.4.2013 121

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mario Atonement

When we were kids my grandma, Moe, made Evan and I little blankets. Mine had girly flowers on it and I bet you can guess how much that appealed to me as a kid. Evan's had Mario on it. Eventually that Mario Bros. blanket *somehow* made it to my house and it's been there ever since.

12.5.2013 002

The worst part is that Evan totally knows and probably wants it back. Do I want to give it back? Nah. Do I feel bad about it? Well, yeah. I feel so bad that one of the first quilts I made when I started quilting again was for Mario Bros. atonement.

11.5.2013 006

11.5.2013 008

12.4.2013 028

12.5.2013 004

12.5.2013 003

12.5.2013 006

Happy birthday, Evan!

Friday, January 10, 2014


When we visited DP^2 for Thanksgiving we spent a day in LEGOLAND. Literally the first thing we did when we got there was find a smooshed penny machine for Dana.

12.4.2013 058

She hearts smooshed pennies. We saw lots of sweet Star Wars stuff.

12.4.2013 060

12.4.2013 070

We also stuck our heads through lots of things.

12.4.2013 092

12.4.2013 090

12.4.2013 089

12.4.2013 094

12.4.2013 078

We also saw some strange stuff.

12.4.2013 088

12.4.2013 067

12.4.2013 075

12.4.2013 081

Also, Eddy made a friend for life.

12.4.2013 083

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Un-Hole

One of the first things Eddy did in our soon-to-be-demolished kitchen was to close up one of the doorways so that we could eventually have cabinets that go all the way around the kitchen. The first (best?) part of any project like that is always the demo.

11.18.2013 049

11.18.2013 054

11.18.2013 057

Then Eddy started framing up the doorway.  

11.18.2013 064

11.18.2013 066

When we framed in the door with drywall, we left a little signature.  

11.18.2013 067

11.18.2013 071

11.18.2013 072

This looks like a job for master spackler Eddy.  

Friday, January 3, 2014

Beach Birthday for Old Doc

For Eddy's birthday this year, he wanted some beach camping.  We got in late one night, had our dinner and set up camp in the dark.  It was kind of cold that night.  Eddy even let Norman cuddle up in the bed with us.

11.18.2013 002

By "let" of course I mean that Norman jumped in the bed at the first opportunity because it was frosty cold. The next morning we opened birthday presents.

11.18.2013 005

11.18.2013 007

Then we had a good breakfast.

11.18.2013 008

11.18.2013 011

11.18.2013 013

And went for a little run on the beach.

11.18.2013 024

11.18.2013 032

Happy birthday, Old Doc Westbrook!

11.18.2013 039