Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Un-Hole

One of the first things Eddy did in our soon-to-be-demolished kitchen was to close up one of the doorways so that we could eventually have cabinets that go all the way around the kitchen. The first (best?) part of any project like that is always the demo.

11.18.2013 049

11.18.2013 054

11.18.2013 057

Then Eddy started framing up the doorway.  

11.18.2013 064

11.18.2013 066

When we framed in the door with drywall, we left a little signature.  

11.18.2013 067

11.18.2013 071

11.18.2013 072

This looks like a job for master spackler Eddy.  


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