Friday, January 17, 2014

Sparkle Chairs

We got these sweet vintage chairs from the Salvation Army. They were Eddy's pick and I think he did a great job.

12.4.2013 101

As you can see, though, our living room and dining room are a mustard color and the chairs gave it a little bit of a ketchup and mustard feel. Also, they had these kind of icky feet on them and a lot of ancient gummy tape that was holding the feet on.

12.4.2013 098

12.4.2013 097

They also needed some basic repair.

12.4.2013 105

12.4.2013 106

After a few quick repairs, I did some sweet upholstery work complete with rusty little nails.

12.4.2013 111

And a big old roll of brand new sparkly vinyl.

12.4.2013 114

So I got to work laying on the new vinyl.

12.4.2013 115

Ta da!

12.4.2013 119

It's even Rupert approved.

12.4.2013 121


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