Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hawaii Edibles

There are lots of amazing things to eat in Hawaii. There are probably other things to do on the island, but, let's face it--my family is primarily concerned with what we can eat. Probably the most alarming food we saw was the "Cobb" salad--the most delicious form of cannibalism ever.

6.13.2011 029

Kauai is known for its coffee. Here's Eddy sampling some at our favorite plantation.

6.13.2011 067

The island is also flush with feral chickens.

6.13.2011 023

Chickens are potential food, right? Right. However, you are not allowed to give food to the potential food.

6.13.2011 079

Catch-22. After a long week in delicious Hawaii, Eddy needed to stop by Hee Fat.

6.13.2011 048


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