Thursday, June 30, 2011

Un-Touristy Tourism

So the nice thing about staying with locals was that we got to do lots of New Orleans things, only some of which were touristy. We of course did Cafe du Monde.

6.28.2011 028

6.28.2011 029

Jackson Square
and the French Quarter.

6.28.2011 027

6.28.2011 026

That's right, Eddy is nerding up the FQ. But we also had some amazing parade experiences! Laura and Kijai took us to Pride and to an amazing second line!

6.28.2011 054

6.28.2011 052

6.28.2011 050

In second lines, parade goers march alongside the parade and dance along to the brass band. It was great fun, but also really freakin' hot.

6.28.2011 049

To keep parade goers happy, there were plenty of mobile coolers and also truck bars.

6.28.2011 048

If ever you have the opportunity to see a second line in NOLA, do it. And bring ice water.


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