Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Remember This?!

Remember this blog?!  It totally still exists!  We've been super busy with some pretty big adventures lately, so in order to catch up there will be some blog time travel.

Dial your calendar back to August, when we were preparing for a cross-country road trip.  When the big day came we finally did get all that stuff packed on top of our trusty Subaru.

8.20.2013 016

8.20.2013 022

Then we hit the road with a car packed full of camping gear and a 65 pound pit bull!

8.20.2013 048

We saw a few sights even before we even left Texas. For instance, giant Sam Houston!

8.20.2013 040

Also, I did step foot for the first time on the campus of my MLIS alma mater, University of North Texas. Norman also stepped foots there.

8.20.2013 042

When we got to Kansas we could not resist stopping to see the giant Van Gogh.

8.20.2013 053

8.20.2013 059

So many giant sights to see!

Tune in next week for time travel to Colorful Colorado!

8.20.2013 060


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