Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Colorful Colorado

8.20.2013 060

There are a few things from our Road Trip that I consider my favorite things about the trip.  Basically, everything about Colorado fits that bill. First, we got to hang out with my childhood bestie, Laura, which can be a rare occasion since we're always separated by geography one way or another.

8.20.2013 062

While we were in Boulder I took Eddy and Norman on one of my favorite hikes just outside the city.

8.20.2013 081

It was so hot that day that non-water-dog Norman even went for a little dip.

8.20.2013 089

Eddy managed to do a little bouldering.

8.20.2013 076

And we took in some local Boulder culture.

8.20.2013 100

Next, our friends Damon and Linda were generous enough to let us experience their gorgeous Colorado cabin for a few days.

8.20.2013 103

8.20.2013 114

We did some hiking.

8.20.2013 130

We did some relaxing.

8.20.2013 125

8.20.2013 124

And we took in the gorgeous views from the back deck.

8.20.2013 104

Including these dudes.

8.20.2013 139

8.20.2013 143

Tune in next Tuesday for Wyoming and South Dakota!

8.20.2013 153


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