Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Culinary Tour of Places Nicci Thinks are Too Cold

I just returned to sunny Houston from a two-conference marathon of a trip. I went to VRA/ARLIS in Minneapolis and ACRL in Philly. Both places had snow. Both places also had food--some of it quite good!

The highlight of Minneapolis was Hell's Kitchen, where they make their own everything. They gave me a free jar of homemade peanut butter with my order and they made their own ketchup for their handmade sweet potato fries for heaven's sake. So yummy. I didn't get too many photos, because I was a little entranced with the live music scene there.

4.2.2011 017

At the Mall of America, I had some yummy gelato:

4.2.2011 031

And a delicious beet salad at Crave where everything was locally sourced.

4.2.2011 035

Then it was off to Philly for Reading Terminal Market:

4.2.2011 049

and the beloved Continental.

4.2.2011 044

4.2.2011 045

Best lobster mac ever. Mmm.


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