Sunday, March 27, 2011

Taking a Weekend Off

I'm traveling this weekend, so we will miss our MS150 training ride for the week! Here are some observations from last week's ride.

On our well-worn route, we like to stop at Froberg's Farm--it's every bit as awesome as the website makes it seem. There is a sausage store there that we always eye (and smell). Normally we discuss how we might use those little pockets on the back of our bike jerseys to bring sausages home from our ride.

3.21.2011 007

This time we actually bought one. It was tasty. And enormous.

3.21.2011 005

And we saw these awesome giraffes. In someone's yard.

3.21.2011 008

Also, last week during our night with P.W. we saw an art bike exhibit hosted by none other than the MS 150. Feast your eyes on these beauties.

3.20.2011 002

3.20.2011 001

3.20.2011 003

Happy weekend, all!


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