Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Flat Tire Rodeo

Here we are blissfully hanging on the metrolink platform waiting to catch a train to the rodeo.

3.13.2011--2-- 004

Then the tragedy occurred! As we boarded the train, I gave Eddy a major flat tire resulting in the complete breakage of his shoe! Sadly, our first stop at the rodeo this year was not the beer/fried food tent or even the AGventure Pavillion. Instead, we headed to first aid to bum some duct tape.

3.13.2011--2-- 005

Thanks to our mutual engineering skills, the shoe held together for the rest of the day (Though it was uncomfortable. Sorry, dear!) After our shoe repair, we were off to enjoy the usual baby animals:

3.13.2011--2-- 012

Not so baby animals:

3.13.2011--2-- 008

and deep fried oatmeal cream pies:

3.13.2011--2-- 032


3.13.2011--2-- 001


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