Monday, April 18, 2011

2 of 13,000

4.18.2011 005

Team Sunshine Fuzzy Bunny rode the BP MS 150 this weekend from Houston to Austin! We were 2 of 13,000 riders--the largest MS 150 ride in the country. BUT, we were 1 of maybe 5 tandem bikes on the ride, so take that, MS 150!

4.18.2011 003

Our friends Dave and Dana also rode.

4.18.2011 007

And we got to make an awesome pit stop at my friends Damon and Linda's "Ranchito." Here I am with Damon and Jac: their standard poodle and my new bff.

4.18.2011 008

Check out how tired we looked after day 1:

4.18.2011 009

And this is Eddy trying hard not to sleep on the bus home after day 2:

4.18.2011 011

Such a fun trip! We may even consent to ride a bike again... someday... Like, a really long time from now...


  1. Awesome! That's super fabulous that you rode on a tandem.

  2. Thanks, Emily! It was really fun!