Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Favorite STL Haunts

Recently, I whisked Eddy away to St. Louis to celebrate our anniversary. While there, we went to the same ole places. Well, the same ole places that we loved when we lived there. Here's our old apartment.

11.26.2011 008

When we visit STL, we always stay about a block away from our old place, so we always swing by. Speaking of our old hood, we hung out in the loop of course.

11.26.2011 009

We ate at Blueberry Hill not once,

11.26.2011 052

but twice.

11.26.2011 105

Even though it was freaking freezing, we also made it out to Ted Drewes.

11.26.2011 106

11.26.2011 107

11.26.2011 110

And we couldn't call it a trip to St. Lou unless without a trip to Mangia, where we were married.

11.26.2011 099

Stay tuned because we did actually do more than just eat things on this trip.

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