Friday, December 20, 2013

Hearth and Home

When we moved into our house, we were excited to have a gas fireplace in the living room. The only problem was that the gas unit itself was pretty dated and wasn't inspected before we bought the house. Also, the hearth tile was falling under the floor and the trim was broken and missing. So, you know, we probably needed to rip it all out and stuff.

11.5.2013 011

Just like everything in Project House Sunshine Fuzzy Bunny, it was pretty dirty and filled with spider webs.

11.5.2013 017

So once we cleared out the tile, there was just a big hole in our living room floor.

11.5.2013 022

That's when I started in with the paint.

11.5.2013 027

11.5.2013 033

Then Eddy laid in some sub floor for me to tile on.

11.5.2013 034

11.5.2013 040

I did the tile.

11.5.2013 058

And fixed up the trim.

11.5.2013 064

11.5.2013 063

Once the grout was in and the old gas unit was out, this is what we had and all we had to do was wait until the new gas unit came in.

12.4.2013 009


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