Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Goodbye Road Trip?

8.20.2013 478

It was seriously hot in Arizona. After all the camping we did at Bryce we were hankering for a shower (or a shower-like experience). We decided to stop off for an impromptu swim at Lake Powell.

8.20.2013 479

After all the convincing we did in Colorado and Montana to show Norman that water is fun, he was finally all in.

8.20.2013 491

Once we were refreshed, we headed over to the Grand Canyon.

8.20.2013 495

8.20.2013 498

Before we left Arizona, we had to see the Meteor Crater.

8.20.2013 540

8.20.2013 546

Last, we took Norm to see the petrified forest.

8.20.2013 549

When we hit New Mexico we were ready for some city livin'.

8.20.2013 582

I got me my first ever egg cream. It might also be my last ever egg cream, because ick.

8.20.2013 587

We also checked out the Taos Pueblo.

8.20.2013 592

8.20.2013 593

8.20.2013 596

8.20.2013 597

After New Mexico, we headed back to Texas.

8.20.2013 606

The Road Trip was over... or was it...  (Hint: it totally wasn't)

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  1. Love those places and pics! Looks like so much fun!