Tuesday, December 15, 2009

If at First You Don't Succeed

So our witbier exploded. But, turns out our homebrew is in high holiday demand--thanks, Evan. Two weekends ago we tried our hand at making some American Brown Ale. This time, in order to cut our brewing time and (hopefully) end up with a tastier brew, Eddy decided to construct a new lauter tun. Previously, we were using a nylon sack and a whole lot of time. Here he is drilling some holes in a new ale pail.

12.14.2009 031

Once nested inside a spigotted ale pail, our lautering and sparging went MUCH smoother.

12.14.2009 034

Mmmm... American Brown Ale...

12.14.2009 035

Here's our pre-existing wort chilling system. It kind of looks like a walrus. That's why I am doing the tusks here.

12.14.2009 038

We are happy to announce that this past weekend the brew made it to secondary fermentation. Our laundry room is completely explosion-free!

12.14.2009 043


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