Monday, January 24, 2011

Why Ada Hates Ceci

Ada has allergies. She scratches her little eyes until they get scabby.

1.23.2011 009

She has been to the vet several times and we just can't seem keep her from being itchy. So I made her a bonnet.

1.23.2011 015

Now this was just a test bonnet to see if we actually wanted to get serious about cat bonnets. Usually, I am not one to dress up our cats. Except for cat hats. That's different.

Bonnet 2.0 was a slight improvement.

1.23.2011 017

But then we talked to Ceci. And she was all, "I made a cone for my cat because I'm in medical school and I can construct far better cat torture devices than you could ever dream!" (That's not exactly how she put it.) So here's her tiny little kitty with it's cute little yogurt cup.


We tried this on Ada but it turns out that despite the fact that we purchased the largest possible yogurt container and even sliced it to make it expand further she is, in fact, a fat head.

1.23.2011 034

Finally, I got artsy and constructed her a custom cone from some rather pricey art paper.

1.23.2011 037

See how much more relaxed? We just had a new release. Cone 2.1--now waterproof!

1.24.2011 005


  1. ahahahaha, ahaha, ahahahahahaha. Your cat in the yogurt cup is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time.

    So actually despite appearances, I actually used the same size yogurt container as yours and trimmed it down and along the side. Frances is pretty tiny and still needed a full-sized container, so I'm not surprised it didn't work on a full-grown cat. But it looks like you succeeded anyway.

    If Ada keeps being miserable, I think you could try giving her some Benadryl. I found dosing guidelines here: And they make little pill pockets that are basically treats that you stuff a pill into to trick your cat, which is always fun.

  2. spoken like a true med student. Thanks for the tips, Ceci!

  3. I had a hard time figuring out what angle of the cat I was looking at with the yogurt container :) That bonnet 2.0 is super adorable; I think we need more photos with it.

  4. haha! Yeah, it was pretty cute.


  6. One day, when I have a cat, I'll remember to make use of cat hats/bonnets.

    Stewart has allergies, it's why his paws are sensitive and he gnaws on them. Scabby eyes, feet that hurt (and you can never really sit), all of this makes my measly sinus headaches seem like nothing!

  7. Wow. I laughed so hard at the yogurt container that I couldn't stop. Then I just scrolled up and started laughing uncontrollably again. Wow.

  8. This has definitely been the most popular Blog Sunshine Fuzzy Bunny post evaaaahhhrrr.