Monday, January 3, 2011

Xmas in the Ozarks: A Four-Part Mini-Series

1.1.2011 061

That's right. It's a dead bear in a Santa hat. Let's call this installment "crimes against nature." For starters, we went to the Pro Bass to see all of the taxidermied and non-taxidermied animals.

1.1.2011 077

1.1.2011 071

We also tested sporting goods equipment.

1.1.2011 080

(if you can call a lighter shaped like a rifle sporting goods equipment)

1.1.2011 084

To atone for our Pro Bass crimes against nature, we visited the Springfield Nature Center a few times.

1.1.2011 034

Inclement weather? Yeah, kind of.

1.1.2011 037

1.1.2011 149

Stay tuned for more re-hashery of our Xmas vacation!


  1. The dead bear with the hat is just not right. I'm just sayin'.

  2. The cuteness factor of you in that teal coat completely makes up for all "stuffed" animal gawking. - Vern

  3. Nothing says Merry Christmas like a dead Santa bear!