Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bedroom Hater

I hated our bedroom.  I didn't actually realize that I hated it so much because it was just this white room where we slept and stored sundry furniture and artwork that didn't really fit anywhere else.  In fact, I apparently hated our bedroom so much that we don't have a single picture of it before I started working on it other than the real estate photo.
I basically did a bedroom blitzkrieg and decorated it all over the course of 36 hours while Eddy was traveling for work.  I made this amazing blanket that I think I will replicate for the living room eventually. It's flannel backed with pom pom trim and it basically can't be beat.

3.5.2014 153

I covered some letters in fabric.

3.5.2014 150

And I spent an entire freaking day assembling and installing the chandelier.

3.5.2014 160

3.5.2014 165


o3.5.2014 003

N3.5.2014 008

N3.5.2014 013

No more bedroom hate.


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