Friday, May 30, 2014

Homeostasis--Outside In

OMG, we totally still have this blog.  Haven't posted anything in way too long, so I thought I would start out this new burst of posts with the real deal.  The much-anticipated tour of our new house!

It's far from finished! (That's the fun of owning a house, after all. Well, if you're crazy it is.) But it has moved beyond the uninhabitable state it lingered in for so long while we were trying to get some of the main living spaces put together. I'm calling this state "homeostasis".  Like, Eddy complained so much about working on the house all the time that we're just maintaining for awhile.  No (big) new projects.  He says...

So without further ado, we'll start outside!

Here's the realtor photo that cleverly hides the ginormous crack in the stucco. (Don't worry, we're on it!)


We really haven't changed much about the front other than add a somewhat sladpdash little sitting area on the porch and apply the all-important "No Soliciting" sign to the door.



Just before we moved in, however, the previous owners were kind enough to re-pour some badly cracked parts of the driveway and sidewalk.

10.28.2013 087

10.28.2013 092

Here's the back yard



where we added some plants,

10.28.2013 272

an herb box just outside the kitchen window,

3.18.2014 003

and of course the catio outside my workshop (complete with kitty face)!



That cat loves his catio.


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