Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Catsup Quilt

Recently I made a quilt for our dear friends, the DP^2s. After all, they had been kind enough to let us crash their Thanksgiving. Also, I found this quilt pattern that just made me think of them so I modified it and got started.

11.5.2013 025 

After all, they <3 black kitties.

11.18.2013 043

When I was piecing this quilt together I was trying to hard not to mess up and piece a cat head upside down.  I kept chanting to myself: cats up.  cats up.  cats up.  catsup.  catsup.  catsup.  It's a catsup quilt.

11.18.2013 046 

I Picked out some fabric for the back.

11.19.2013 011 

Bound it up.


And sent it on its merry way just in time for Xmas! I think they were surprised. All except Anouk who promptly claimed the quilt as her very own.



  1. http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20080527035315/transformers/images/3/3e/Decepticon_Shattered_Glass.png

    Just saying...